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Ambrose: Property of Wyatt Cain

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Ambrose: Property of Wyatt Cain



April 21st, 2013

Happy Birthday

Just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday.

November 29th, 2011

My Fan Fiction Policy

I'd be thrilled to bits for any kind of fanwork of my fanworks.  I truly love the idea of a fanwork growing into something the community at large interacts with by expanding on it.  I give blanket permission for podfics, artwork, fanvids, mixes, sequels, remixes, ect... of my fanworks.  Also, I give permission for multiple people to podfic my works.  More podfic is always better, and I'd enjoy hearing different versions of my fic.  I just ask that you credit my work as the inspiration for your work, and send me a link to your work so I can squee over it and link others to it.

I do not give permission for any of my fic to be archived somewhere without my permission.  By 'archived' I mean uploaded into an archive, or posted in a journal or community.  Please ask if you are interested in including my fic in a collection.  Feel free to rec my fic anywhere within the fan sphere without asking first.  If you do rec my fic I'd love to hear about it.

My only other stipulation about doing a podfic of my work is that there be time set aside for an editing session. By this I mean that if you choose a fic of mine, and it is not done, or is in need of editing, that you work with me in getting it completed. I do realize that this may sound as though I'm speaking of podfics as a service, and I truly do not intend for it to sound as such since I do know that they are made by fans of fans and done out of love for the story.

What I mean however is that doing so will create a better story for you to turn into a podfic and it will help me out in a personal way with editing the stories since I have a hard time with reading. Words tend to float around the page for me, and doctors have hypothesized that it may be a form of dyslexia. I am awaiting proper testing.

If you agree to help me with this stipulation if an incomplete story or a completed story in need of editing is chosen, then you agree to read the chapters as written so that I can properly edit the work. This process can be scheduled according to your own calendar. When it is completed, then I give permission for the podfic to be posted. In fact, I will even go so far as to extend this policy to my original works as well.

Please note that this policy is subject to change if I can work out podfic creation with close friends to get the editing part done. This would in no way hinder anyone from reading the story, if they choose, but rather cut down on the editing time so that the real fun can begin.

December 29th, 2010

My Birthday Wish

Hi everyone,

I know that this might be hard for some people to do, particularly a week after Christmas, but I hope that you can check out my birthday wish and maybe help out.

You can find out more about my birthday wish at http://wishes.causes.com/wishes/171604 I have three more days.


December 6th, 2010

The Glitchie Project


Hey everyone,


Hope you are all having a good holiday. I know I have been lax in posting here, and that I am WAY behind on updating any story I am working on. Well, this year I am going to try and change that – at least as far as the stories go. I have started a new blog, The Glitchie Project. The Glitchie Project was started after being inspired by Julie Powell’s story in Julie & Julia that I recently watched.


Why did I start the blog somewhere other than here? Well, because I wanted a clean slate with my unfinished stories. I plan to attempt one story at a time until its complete and if it works, once the story is completed, I will catch up the postings here as well. So for now, unless I have some rather important news, you probably won’t see me here much, but I hope to see you guys there to tell me how I’m doing. Right now I am going to wait on posting till I hear back from Wordpress on the blog’s rating, but after that is all dealt with, I will be starting with Love Knots and hopefully will have it done this year if not early next year. I don’t have a WHOLE whole lot to do on it, just right now with picking up where I left off (in the middle of a chapter) even after reading to catch up, I’m not sure its flowing right and am working on tweaking it to get the right feel before I continue with its posting. I just want to make sure that my blog has the correct designation before I start posting stories there, though I am working on getting it set up.



August 1st, 2010

Please Lend Your Support!

Hello everyone,

I am writing to request your support. I am currently working on an original story that I want to get published. Please take the time to check out the link below. You can give your support by joining the site, commenting on the story, and backing it by adding it to your bookshelf. Registration for the site is free. The link below will take you to the Forum post that provides some details of the story and gives a direct link, I am using the first letter of my first name and my last name as a handle on this site so when you follow the link and see it under a different handle, there's no confusion. Thank you for your time.


Property of Wyatt


July 2nd, 2010

Looking for feedback

Hey everyone,

I'm working on a story that I'm looking for feedback on. Most of you already know or should know my writing genre and style. If you're interested, you can find my story, The Blood Singer on the following sites using the links below:

Fiction Press
Thanks for any and all help.


June 23rd, 2010


 Hi there,

I need to know where you all are - as in where you live. I'm looking for someone or some people who live in or around Salem, MA. I'm currently working on a story that I want to set there around The Salem Inn's Curwen House and Salem State College. I need to know what all there is to do around there, descriptions and pictures of the flora and fauna, and anything else you can give that might be helpful. If you want information on the story, you can email me privately since I'm not planning to post info on it live here since this is a story I hope to be able to sell.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer.


May 27th, 2010


Hello to all my friends out there,

I'm writing this to let you know that I'm currently looking for someone to work with me on making some podfics. A podfic is an audio recording of a story. I'm looking for someone to help me not only with reading completed stories, but also to help me hopefully get a handle on editing by making audio files of my works in progress for me. My ADD seems to keep getting worse, and its now nearly impossible (as finding a text to speech program) for me to read and edit my own work. Please reply if you're interested.

May 14th, 2010

Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

I think for me, whether or not I enjoy a fanfiction depends on the pairing in the fandom - you know, whether or not I can see a certain couple together or not. I think fan fiction in and of itself has helped me grow as a writer. Its helped me hone my skills in a way, now I just have to pull away from it to get something I can publish.

May 10th, 2010


Yay!! I finally have webspace, thanks to my friend and computer tech, Ron. He has given me a subdomain off his GoDaddy account. Now I just have to build it. Not sure what colors I want to do, but I think I want like a royal blue, royal purple or a nice looking green. wingedbullets is going to cut out and resize some images for me so I can make a banner. I suck at cut outs in my art program because I have NO mousing skills and she has a tablet so she doesn't need mousing skills, LOL. I need to ask Ron how much space I have and whether or not I can post my videos and stories there at least. He said I need to get away from fan art because if someone complains GoDaddy will take the site down. I SO want a place where I can post my art though... I am NOT going back to Deviant Art. They totally suck. They kept attacking my newer account, removing artwork, but never touched (the same art work) on my older account, yet they said they knew both accounts were mine. It was really fucked, so I just removed both accounts and I refuse to go back to them. I am really surprised it still on facebook. Also, I don't think Ron would apreciate seeing gay Harry Potter under his main site. He said that kind of scared him. So, still looking for a place for my art, but hopefully, I can make use of his offer till I get some money and go with Tripod. They were who I've been looking at for my webhost.

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